Year End Trading Update

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Games Workshop is pleased to announce that for the year to 29 May 2022, we estimate the Group’s core revenue to be not less than £385 million (2020/21: £353 million) and royalties receivable of £28 million (2020/21: £16 million). The Group’s profit before tax is estimated to be not less than £155 million (2020/21: £151 million).

As in the prior year, in recognition of our staff’s contribution to these results, we have paid during the year profit share cash payments amounting in total to £10 million (2020/21: £13 million). These are paid in cash on an equal basis to each member of staff. Dividends declared in the year were £77 million, 235 pence per share (2020/21: £77 million, 235p per share).

We intend to announce our 2022 Annual Report for the year to 29 May 2022 on 26 July 2022.