The Games Workshop hobby

Collecting, modelling, painting and gaming…with the best model soldiers in the world. The Games Workshop offer is the gateway to a range of exciting hobby activities that can provide hours of enjoyment and a healthy amount of good plain fun! For many customers this sparks a passion that can last a lifetime. Like all good hobbies it requires specialist knowledge and a commitment to building expertise and relationships with fellow enthusiasts. To help people get started, we offer an introduction to these hobby activities on our global web store.


As soon as you buy your first model soldier you’re a collector. There are as many reasons to collect as there are collectors. Many like to explore the enormous variety of different miniatures in our ranges or are drawn to specific models that appeal to them. Some are inspired by the dramatic histories and stories we have created about our characters and are minded to recreate these in miniature.  Others, maybe the majority, like to assemble mighty armies based in those presented in our various publications and take delight in displaying them or fighting tabletop battles with them against fellow enthusiasts. A constant stream of new product releases means there’s always something else to add to your collection.


Building and converting models and creating fantastical landscapes in miniature to complement them is an engaging pastime that rewards skill and patience. Our models are supplied in a number of different forms – from simple one-piece models to complex kits comprising of dozens of finely detailed parts. Many kits can be completed in two or more alternative configurations and often incorporate extra optional features. Assembling the more complex kits may require a degree of modelling skill but even the simplest of our models lend themselves to being adapted and customised by the budding hobbyist to suit their own taste.


Painting miniatures is a hugely enjoyable and rewarding activity.  It highlights the fine detail of the models, imbuing them with life and energy. It is a very creative skill to develop.  Whether they are recreating a colour scheme presented in one of our books, or inventing their own unique pattern, hobbyists invest a significant amount of time and effort personalising their models.  Practice makes perfect and many hobbyists become highly skilled painters.  By following one of our painting guides even a beginner can produce a miniature he can be proud of.


Tabletop gaming with miniatures can be anything from small scale skirmishes between opposing warbands, to epic conflicts involving huge armies of hundreds of Citadel Miniatures. New gamers can begin playing straight away. Painting miniatures needn’t hold a beginner up. The important thing is to get those troops on the battlefield and start learning. After a few games players soon want to expand their armies to fight larger and more varied battles.